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About Us

Coastal Gulf & International ( CGI ) is in business to achieve, and continuously improve, the highest quality service available in our industry.
All our goals are directed toward this end.

We Serve The Customer...
Our primary concern is to provide accurate, unbiased , independent surveying and reporting to facilitate the conclusion of their transaction.

We Produce Quality...
Our service is constantly being modified for the fulfillment of our customer's expectations and it's optimization as input into their transaction.

We Adopt The Continuous Improvement Philosophy...
We constantly evaluate our system and compare it to what is possible. There is always room for improvement and innovation in everything that we do. We make every effort to find it.

We Practice Teamwork...
Our inspection team is not hindered by barriers between departments. We succeed as one unit.

We Value Our Employees...
We realize that our Company is only as good as our employees. We strive to assist them in becoming professionals at what they do.

Assuring Accuracy Through Expertise!

Inspection & Analytical Services
P.O. Box 429 Kenner, LA 70063